MSI GF63 8RD review: Sleek gaming laptop

The MSI GF63 8RD touts a bezel-less show for a vivid gaming background, fueled by the most recent eighth Gen Intel i7 processor. Peruse our audit to see whether it merits your cash.

We have seen a lot of gaming workstations that are enormous and cumbersome, and those are likely the principal musings to strike a chord when one ponders gaming PCs. However, organizations like Razer and MSI have attempted to change that definition by offer smooth gaming PCs that don’t settle on execution. The GF63 8RD is one more gaming PC from MSI that offers a smooth, lightweight structure alongside some ground-breaking equipment advocated by Intel’s eighth Gen Coffeelake processor.

The MSI GF63 8RD touts a bezel-less show for a vivid gaming background. At simply under Rs 1 lakh, the PC isn’t the most costly out there, however it isn’t in the reasonable range too. In this value run, the workstation will contend with Asus’ ROG-arrangement and some Acer TUF-arrangement PCs, among others. Does the MSI carry enough to request your cash as a genuine gamer? Peruse on to discover.


The GF63 8RD doesn’t accompany a scary look as most other gaming PCs regularly offer. It’s significantly increasingly smooth and inconspicuous to the eyes because of a thin structure factor with a thickness of 21.7mm and insignificant rakish plan. The external shell has a brushed metal structure which can be seen around the keypad too, which is smooth to the touch. Be that as it may, the PC gets smirched pretty effectively and it’s a serious exertion to evacuate them. The base of the PC sees a X-formed ventilation with a vent on the left side too. This is the place the warmth disseminates the most. The in general smooth nature of the PC additionally makes this lightweight at around 1.9kg, which is in reality entirely amazing for a gaming PC and makes it essentially lighter than contending PCs.

The GF63 8RD is a PC that can be worried about around without being a concern. This likewise makes it simpler to utilize it as a work workstation as much as its will probably be played on. On account of its unpretentious charcoal hues, this is a workstation that won’t draw in a great deal of consideration. The MSI marking in red can be seen on the top which is a decent differentiation to the dark shaded body. Discussing which, the console has a brilliant red diagram around the keys with a red backdrop illumination also that turns on in low-light. Some may discover the absence of RGB backdrop illumination frustrating, yet I’m not griping about the organization’s choice to go with a solitary shading. What I could have utilized, notwithstanding, is somewhat more key travel. The keys aren’t material enough and you miss that vibe of smacking keys when playing FPS games.

Regardless of the aluminum shell, the general development of the PC isn’t strong. The GF63 8RD will flex pretty effectively so it’s best not to include any superfluous weight it. Around the casing, you’ll discover a Type-C USB 3.1 (Gen 1) port, two Type-A USB 3.1 (Gen 1) ports, a HDMI port on the back, a LAN port and a 3.5mm earphone jack. The GF63 8RD sees that doesn’t boast about being a gaming workstation, which will make you feel great utilizing it in an expert space too.


The GF63 8RD touts a bezel-less show taking into consideration a vivid review understanding. The fringe around the presentation is entirely negligible, particularly on the left and right side. The base sees the most bezels, while the top sufficiently needs to house a webcam. The presentation itself is a 15.6-inch FHD (1080×1920) IPS show. The IPS board is great with some incredible shading proliferation and sharpness. The hues particularly the blacks look very profound and there’s a decent measure of complexity and lucidity too. In case you’re spending near Rs 1 lakh, a great IPS board is unquestionably an absolute necessity and the GF63 8RD conveys on that.

Games and motion pictures look great gratitude to a decent measure of clearness and consistent with life hues. The counter glare complete additionally implies a more diversion free gaming knowledge. You get a 60Hz board which is average for most gaming PCs, however at this value point you can 120Hz shows too like Asus’ TUF-arrangement PCs. The expanded revive rate basically takes into consideration a more obscure free involvement while ongoing interaction. It’s particularly smooth for quick paced FPS games where movement obscure can be progressively noticeable. In these cases the GF63 8RD will see some obscure, yet this isn’t something that would put you off. This is one of the better FHD shows on a gaming PC and the decreased bezels likewise makes it really vivid.


The GF63 8RD model accompanies a Nvidia GTX 1050i designs chip with 4GB that isn’t exactly top-end yet adequate to run most games easily on a 1080p presentation. We tried FarCry 5 and the designs was really smooth all through. We noticed a few drops in casing rate, and this is probably going to occur with quick paced shooter games and some realistic escalated hustling games also. Attempt less Asphalt 9 and more Forza Horizon 3.

The PC packs the most recent eighth Generation hexa-center Intel Core i7 processor (8750H) combined with 8GB of RAM. So you get an exhibition goliath out-of-the-case which makes it worth purchasing regardless of whether you’re not a gaming lover. You get 6 centers and 12 strings with a base clock speed of 2.2GHz and max speed contact 4.1GHz in single-center execution. It can arrive at pinnacle clock paces of 3.9GHz on up to six centers. This is a similar H-arrangement chip found inside most new gaming workstations including the Asus ROG Strix and TUF arrangement that can be found for around Rs 80,000.

The processor will enable you to easily get through everyday assignments with for all intents and purposes no slack or faltering. The workstation boots up in less than 15 seconds which is really great too. Warmth is overseen extraordinarily well here while gaming. The air is let out through the vents underneath and as an afterthought. The fan inside is pretty very and it won’t trouble you notwithstanding when its on max cooling speed.

I found the speakers underneath the PC to be very disappointing. Pinnacle sound level isn’t the best and gets quieted particularly on the off chance that you keep the workstation on any surface. It’s very simple to hinder the speakers, which means you will get a muted sound quality, which doesn’t help when you’re attempting to tune in to discoursed during ongoing interaction or even broad recordings so far as that is concerned. The silver covering is that the fan doesn’t get excessively uproarious so the speaker is somewhat more perceptible.

The GF63 8RD accompanies 128GB of SSD that enables the PC to run really quick all through. This ought to be upgradeable to 512GB yet the organization hasn’t affirmed that. You likewise get 1TB of inner stockpiling which is very adequate for your capacity needs.


MSI touts a 7-hour battery conveyance for the GF63 8RD. That is truly average for a gaming PC, in any event on paper. In view of my week-long utilization, I never really accomplished seven hours of ease of use on a solitary charge. I figured out how to get around 4 hours during general utilization, and not over an hour during gaming. It’s not the best battery life you can get really, yet it ought to be sufficient to get you through.

The charging light as an afterthought isn’t the least demanding to see and requires a little exertion from your side to make sense of whether the gadget is connected appropriately, particularly with the cover shut. The workstation houses a 3-cell Li-Polymer 51WHr battery.

Should you purchase the MSI GF63 8RD

There’s a great deal of stuff to adore about the new GF63 8RD – it has a smooth look with a smooth brushed metal structure outwardly and inside. It’s lightweight and simple to bear so it bends over as a work PC when you’re nt gaming, it has an incredible IPS board with some spot on hues and a vivid bezel-less show. This blended some tolerable exhibition makes it an extraordinary gaming workstation, if just it were increasingly moderate.

The $999 (approx Rs 72,000) sticker price that the GF63 8RD conveys in the US makes it a really reasonable purchase over yonder. In any case, here, the 8RD model comes at around Rs 1 lakh which makes it somewhat more costly than certain adversaries like Asus’ TUF Core that brings a comparative equipment at around Rs 80,000. You can, obviously, go for the Core i5 model that is estimated at Rs 80,000, however there will be a few tradeoffs in execution. That being stated, in the event that you have a financial limit of Rs 1 lakh for a gaming rig, the GF63 8RD is extraordinary compared to other you can get at the present time.

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